Open Bioeconomy Week 2022

Mark your calendars for Open Bioeconomy Week 2022:
18.-19.5.2022, Hämeenlinna, Finland

The organizing committee is following the COVID-19 situation closely. The event will be organized at the Hämeenlinna University Centre in Hämeenlinna, Finland, as face-to-face participation if the pandemic situation allows. The committee is prepared to move to hybrid or online execution if the situation requires.

Welcome to the 3rd Open Bioeconomy Week (OBW) organized in Hämeenlinna, Finland, 18th -19th of May 2022.

The conference aims to highlight the current research innovations, trends, and future of bioeconomy through the lens of digitalization and data utilization. The key focus is to highlight the paradigm shift digitalization can bring in the field of bioeconomy. To accomplish this, the event aims to bring different academics, researchers, stakeholders, policymakers, business representatives and the society to discuss and understand the role and the impact digitalization can make in development of bioeconomy and hence towards a sustainable future.

The conference is organized by Häme University of Applied Sciences together with of the leading national research and innovation organizations such as Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke), Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) and University of Helsinki. In addition, the Scientific Committee includes Aalto UniversityVTT Technical Research Centre of FinlandUniversity of Feevale, Brazil.

Open bioeconomy Week will annually be built around the themes of utilization of digitalization in the development of sustainable bioeconomy research, innovations, and business. In addition, cross-cutting themes such as sustainable development and circular economy are expected to be taken into consideration and will be valued in the selection process.

In the year 2022, the themes of the Open Bioeconomy Week call for abstracts will cover:

    • Carbon neutrality
      – Carbon sinks and sequestration


    • Biodiversity in bioeconomy
      – Biodiversity measurements and environmental surveillance
      – Wellbeing and connections to biodiversity
      – Socioeconomic factors and connections to biodiversity


    • Co-creation and co-innovation in bioeconomy
      – The role of innovation ecosystems and industrial symbioses in bioeconomy
      – Digital and other tools supporting actors to develop innovation ecosystems
      and industrial symbioses

    • Blue bioeconomy and food value chains or food system
      – Aquaculture technologies and solutions
      – Water use efficiency and circular management/circularity Innovations and
      new products E.g., utilization of side streams
      – Nutrients, especially nutrient recycling


    • Agriculture and water
      – The role and systems of irrigation
      – Catchment
      – Water allocation
      – Water efficiency in processes
      – Nutrients, especially nutrient recycling

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Abstract submission for 2021

February 28th, 2022

Approval for oral / poster

March 31st, 2022 

Final presentations

May 12th, 2022

>> Full Call for Abstract for 2022<<


Open Bioeconomy Week 2021 Speakers


Scientific Day 1

10:00-10:10 Opening speech by Krista Taipale, Regional Council of Häme

10:10-10:35 KEYNOTE: Evo: The World's First Science National Park, John Loehr, Lammi Biological Station

10:35-11:00 KEYNOTE: Pathways towards a carbon neutral society, Anne Tolvanen, Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke)

ABSTRACT SESSION: Sustainable Circular Bioeconomy

11:00-11:20 Biogas tool to lower the threshold for farm-scale biogas production, Erika Winquist, Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke)

11:20-11:40 Ravinnelaskuri, a tool for planning regional nutrient and carbon recycling, Elina Tampio, Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke)

11:40-12:00 Multi-criteria analysis of biogas simulation plants based on the residues generated in the city of Reykjavik: techno-economic and environmental approach, Tamara Llano, University of Cantabria, Spain

12:00-13:00 Lunch break

ABSTRACT SESSION: Biodiversity and Ecosystems: Conservation, Measurement and Digital Tools

13:00-13:20 Impact of bioenergy and bioeconomy policies on the forest potential to supply multiple ecosystem services under climate change in the 21stcentury, Adriano Mazziotta, Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke)

13:20-13:40 AI challenges in biodiversity monitoring: audio and images, Tommi Mononen, University of Helsinki

13:40-14:00 Efficient monitoring of vegetation status at multiple agricultural sites using Google Earth Engine, Olli Nevalainen, Finnish Meteorological Institute

ABSTRACT SESSION: European Green Deal Thematic Areas

13:00-13:20 Problem-based Learning for 21st Century Agro-entrepreneurs in Sub-Saharan Africa, Ulla-Maija Knuutti, Häme University of Applied Sciences HAMK, Finland & Charles Katua, University of Nairobi, Kenya

13:20-13:40 Peat in landscape construction - perspectives on Finnish and European practices, Anna Ryymin, Häme University of Applied Sciences HAMK, Finland

13:40-14:00 Bioeconomy, intuitions of justice, and motivations to systemic change, Johanna Ahola-Launonen, Aalto University, Finland

14:00-14:10 Coffee break

ABSTRACT SESSION: Biodiversity and Ecosystems: Conservation, Measurement and Digital Tools

14:10-14:30 High-resolution in situ river water quality monitoring is a solution to detect impacts of nutrient load reduction methods on phosphorus and carbon leaching from catchments –a case study: structure lime application to agricultural soils, Maria Kämäri, Finnish Environment Institute - SYKE

14:30-14:50 Semantic Segmentation with Neural Networks in Environment Monitoring, Johannes Elmnäinen, Emblica

14:50-15:10 Moving Product Lifecycle Management Towards Biosphere Sustainability Objectives, Philip Ryan, Limerick Institute of Technology (LIT), Ireland

15:10-15:30 Utilizing Machine Learning Methods for Vegetation Detection in Drone Imagery, Roman Tsypin, Häme University of Applied Sciences HAMK, Finland

15:30-16:00 KEYNOTE: Bioeconomy and European Green Deal, Sirpa Pietikäinen, Member of the European Parliament

16:00-16:10 End of the first day and final words

See the Scientific program page


Scientific Day 2 

09:00-12:00 SEMINAR: Solutions preventing hygiene and other contamination risks caused by discharged waters

09:00-09:10 Opening words by Tiina Tulonen, UH

09:10-09:40 Results of VAIR-project: Waterborn pathogen risks by Tarja Pitkänen, THL and Biochar filtrations by Jarkko Nummela, HAMK

09:40-09:55 Municipal wastewater post-treatment in wetland reduces nutrients and fecal bacteria in a cold climate, Josefiina Ruponen, UH

09:55-10:15 Tertiary treatment of domestic wastewaters in Finland, Anna Mikola, Aalto University

10:15-10:30 Coffee break

10:30-11:00 Water Reuse Regulation – 2020/741, Rafael Casielles, BIOAZUL

11:00-11:30 Biochar filtration for removing microbes from irrigation water, Björn Vinnerås, SLU

11.30-12:00 Discussion and end of the seminar

12:00-12:40 Lunch break

12:40-12:45 Opening of the Open Bioeconomy Week Day 2 by Annukka Pakarinen, HAMK

12:45-13:10 KEYNOTE: Contribution of nature-based solutions to circular economy in cities, Günter Langergraber, BOKU University, Vienna, Austria

ABSTRACT SESSION: Nature Based Solutions and Digitalization

13:10-13:30 Bridging the gap between ecological model-data integration and decision-relevant time frames, Istem Fer, Finnish Meteorological Institute

13:30-13:50 CO-CARBON -Individuals, communities and municipalities mitigating climate change by carbon smart green space, Leena Järvi, University of Helsinki

13:50-14:10 Quantification of carbon handprint potential of urban consumers, Antti Kinnunen, Aalto University

14:10-14:30 Quantification of the physical structure of biochars and their impacts on soil water retention, Jari Hyväluoma, Häme University of Applied Sciences HAMK

14:30-14:40 Coffee break

14:40-15:05 KEYNOTE: Circular Bioeconomy in Action: Processing of Animal-based Sidestreams, Mika Tuomola, Honkajoki oy

15:10-15:40 Summary of Esko Aho’s, Timo Sollo’s (by Mika Lauhde, Huawei /Trifami 3D) and Annakaisa Elo’s speeches from Roadmap to Circular Economy -event.

15:45.16:10 KEYNOTE: Circular economy roadmap for Kanta-Häme region, Mia O'Neill, Sykli

16:10-16:20 End of second Scientific Day and final words by Jukka Pulkkinen, HAMK

See the Scientific program page

Business Day | Roadmap to Circular Economy

This program is held in Finnish

Torvinen Showtekniikka livestriimaa Business Day-tapahtumaosion rekisteröityneille osallistujille Hämeenlinnan Raatihuoneelta.

Tapahtumaisäntänä toimii Trifami 3D. Tapahtuman juontaa Vilma Mikkola ja Josefiina Sollo, Trifami 3D.

09:00-09:07 Musiikkiesitys ja Business Day -päivän avaus: Eero Eskola & Kira Koskela, Sporttitalli Oy, Mediatuotanto team Tavastia

09:08-09:30 Kanta-Hämeen kiertotalouden tiekartta, Riku Mustonen, Suomen ympäristöopisto - Sykli

09:32-09:55 Voiko purkujätteestä syntyä jotain hyvää, Topias Lahti, Purkupiha Oy

09:57-10:10 Koskenkorva Climate Action, Jari Eerola, Setälä-Eerolan Tila

10:10-10:28 Carbon Action -video, Jari Eerola, Setälä-Eerolan Tila

10:31-10:43 Uudet tuotantotilat matkalla kohti hiilikädenjälkeä, Juha Simola, Weckman Steel Oy

10:44-11:00 Biohiili hiilensidonnan työkaluna, Annakaisa Elo, Suomen Biohiiliyhdistys ry

11:00-11:30 Lounastauko

Biohiilinäytös Hämeenlinnan torilla ja Yhteisvastuukeräys yhdessä yritysten ja seurakunnan kanssa

11:32-11:55 Vastuullinen urheiluliiketoiminta 2021, Antti Toivanen, HPK Liiga Oy

11:57-12:18 Liikunta, matkailu ja kuntoilu kiertotalouden näkökulmasta, Eero Eskola, Sportti Talli

12:22-12:42 Ikäihmiset ja lapset saman katon alla, Joonas Rinta-HarriAtte Tarri, Karhunkyyti Oy

12:44-13:00 Kiinteistöjen kehittäminen ihmisten kokoisiksi, Kimmo Reinikainen, Hämeenlinna-Vanajan seurakunta

13:05-13:25 Kolme kulmaa bio-, kierto- ja energiatalouteen, Tero Holappa, Loimua

13:28-13:55 Maapallon suojeleminen: yhteisten arvojen jakaminen, Mika Lauhde, Huawei

14:00-14:30 Asumisen ja rakentamisen mahdollisuudet, Timo Sollo, Trifami 3D, Sollo-Yhtiöt

14:33-15:05 Pääpuhuja: Digitaaliset ratkaisut ja biotalous kasvun lähteenä, Esko Aho, Verbatum Oy


15:10-15:40 Summary of Esko Aho’s, Timo Sollo’s (by Mika Lauhde, Huawei /Trifami 3D) and Annakaisa Elo’s speeches held and streamed in English

15.40-16.00 Keskustelua ja päivän päätös

Lue lisää Roadmap to Circular Economy -ohjelmasta


Virtual tours & networking

12:00-12:10 Opening words

12:10-13:30 Virtual excursions:

• Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMK)'s Smart Organic Farm at Mustiala Campus

• Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMK)'s Research Barn at Mustiala Campus. Internet-of-Things and Industry 4.0 concept in dairy production

By Jouko Lindroos, Senior lecturer, Degree programme in agricultural and rural industries, HAMK

• Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke)'s InsectLab

By Miika Tapio, Senior Scientist at Luke

Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke)'s FoodPilot test facility in Jokioinen

By Tuomo Tupasela, Senior Scientist at Luke

13:30 End of the official Open Bioeconomy Week 2021 program 

13:30-15:00 Possibility to book one to one meetings with experts. Link to the booking will be sent to the registered participants.

See the full program

Papers from 2020 have been published in a special issue of The Technology Innovation Management Review

The selected and peer revived papers from Open Bioeconomy Week 2020 have been published in a special issue of The Technology Innovation Management Review (TIM Review), February 2021 issue. The special issue’s editorial theme covers a variety of topics on actual theme of digital innovations in bioeconomy.

The editor of this issue is Dr. Iivari Kunttu, (Häme University of Applied Sciences HAMK), a member of the Open Bioeconomy Week Scientific Committee.

 Editorial: Digital Innovations in the Bioeconomy (February 2021)